About Self-Evolution

What is self-evolution. I am sure I am not the first one to use the term and if I've done my job correctly I will not be the last by far. By my definition, self-evolution is beyond self-help. To me self-help does just that; it enables one to help themselves in the form of a how-to. The premise is great but in my opinion (don't beat me up on this) it is a little one dimensional. Self-evolution is the focus on personal growth. It is taking who you are and changing the way you think and approach every situation in life. "How to Plan Your Day in 30 Minutes or Less" is Self-Help, books such as the "Secret" deal with self-evolution.

Most of the concepts I will go over in this blog are not new. Instead, they have been used for centuries, successfully, by some of the most notable figures in history. These are people who have, in many cases, came from absolutely nothing, and yet worked to make themselves a better life and changed the world in the process. If you happen to recognize a concept I bring up from "The Secret" or Napoleon Hill's works or the Bible or "The 7 Habits", etc., that's great. It means you have read what I have and possibly more. One of the purposes of this blog is to compile all of the information in those wonderful writings into one comprehensive study and show that ultimately, the answers have been right in front of you your whole life, and that now is the time to take advantage.

The primary objective of this blog is to change the world through the use of the internet's most valuable benefit: the sharing of information. Yes it is a big goal but if you shoot for the stars you'll at least hit the moon right? I would say something sappy like "if this only changes the life of one person for the better than I have done my job". I say, why stop at one. I want my work to change the lives of thousands or millions for the better before I say that I have done my job. I don't advertise settling for mediocrity on this blog, so it would be hypocritical for me to settle for it.

That takes me to one of the other objectives for this blog. Although I intend to take you, the reader, on a journey of personal transformation, I have to admit I am not that selfless. I will be taking this journey with you. Through this blog, I hope to master the concepts that I talk about on here, and with them consistently in my mind (more on the Law of Attraction and Auto-Suggestion to come) I know I will live these time tested principles out in my own life. So if you're ready to grow, develop, adapt, and evolve with me: Welcome Aboard.