Monday, November 29, 2010

Laws of Success Lesson Two: A Definite Chief Aim Part Two

This blog is going to guide you through a couple of ideas on how to establish your Definite Chief Aim. To find out what a Definite Chief Aim is, go to Part 1 of this lesson here. As stated in part 1, your Definite Chief Aim should answer the question of why. It must be as specific as possible. Just saying you want a million dollars is not enough. Why do you want a million dollars?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when forming a Definite Chief Aim:

1.) Am I already doing what I want to be doing? Most likely the answer to this question is no. Nevertheless, it's still a good question to ask. You may already be at a certain point in your life where you have your dream job and every material possession you could ever imagine. You need to find a deeper meaning to what success is at this point.

2.) If I had one wish this year, what would it be?  Use caution in answering this question. Everyone has heard the old "Be careful what you wish for," line but it's true. What you think you want you may not really want when you get it. You wish to have Jane Doe as your one true love because of what you think she is, only to find out that she is the exact opposite of what you want. Instead of wishing for Jane, create your own version of Mrs. Right, and then start from there.

3.) Create an inventory. I think it helps get the brain juices flowing to list everyone you know (I do mean everyone you can possibly think of off the top of your head), everything you have, every skill you possess, every hobby you've ever taken up, every job you've ever had, every volunteer opportunity, you get the idea. This little exercise forms two purposes. The first purpose is to show you exactly how powerful you truly are. The second purpose is to get you asking more questions. What did I like about this job? Why do I like this person?

So you've probably got a rough sketch at least of what you want your Definite Chief Aim to be for the moment. Now what?

1.) Write it Down! Put it where you can see it. Make copies. Post it on the refrigerator, the bathroom mirror, inside your locker, on your desk and anywhere else you can think of. Memorize it by heart. Meditate on it before you go to sleep. Look into the mirror and remind yourself of it when you wake up.

2.) Start making plans. In part 1, I explained how a Definite Chief Aim sets a foundation for organized thought. So start organizing your thoughts around your DCA and start setting goals and plans. I like the mind mapping strategy for this. There is an open source program called FreeMind that is very good. You can download it by clicking here.

3.) Believe you can do it. Napoleon Hill is very specific about this. Through following his road map for success you can literally achieve anything you want as long as it's a.) within reason, and b.) you believe that you can achieve it. "Yes I can" should be your new catch phrase from now on.

Remember establishing the Definite Chief Aim is only the start. We'll cover more of where to go from there in the future. Feel free to comment, ask questions or add your own thoughts and experiences.

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