Monday, December 6, 2010

My Blogging Blueprint 2011

It's already been 3 weeks since I began this journey.The good news is that it doesn't feel like I am talking to myself anymore. My average views have turned into that of a small class. That said, I have made plans for expansion. I did a mind map using FreeMind and converted it into HTML for your viewing pleasure.

  • Definite Chief Aim: Develop a blog that will generate revenue meeting or exceeding $4500 a month by November 15, 2011.
    • Goals

      • 1st Trimester: (Ends March 15, 2011) revenue of greater than or equal to1500 per month
      • 2nd Trimester (Ends July 15, 2011) revenue of greater than or equal to 3000 per month
      • Final Trimester (Ends November 15, 2011) Obtaining Chief Definite Aim
      • 1000 Subscribers to E-mail List by November 15, 2011
    • Plans

        • First Trim. get to 8000 site views monthly (about 270 hits daily)
        • Second Trim. get to 17,500 hits monthly, (about 585 hits daily)
      • Establish a strong line of affiliate products to market (1st Trim.)
        • Must not be any random get rich quick crap
        • Must pay at least 50% commission
      • Get my own Domain (1st Trim.)
        • May Need Hosting
        • Get wordpress and consider the Tesis theme
      • Start E-mail List (2nd Trim)
        • Get Aweber
        • E Newsletter
        • A Free Report
      • Video Blogging and Podcasting (Second Trim.)

        • Laptop with a built in web cam and mic
      • Inviting Guest Bloggers Second Trim.
      • Start my own Product Launch. 3rd Trim
        • E-books
          • in digital and audio format
        • Membership
          • Need more ideas on this
          • Possibly a 3 month course
        • Software

          • Path to Success Organization Software
      • Begin Affiliate Recruiting 3rd Trim
    • Action
      • Follow 100+ on Twitter per day
      • 20 Tweets on Twitter per Day
      • 60+ blog comments a week
      • 1 Guest post a week
      • 3 Affiliate Ezine Articles Weekly
        • Start Marketing Affiliates
        • Generating backlinks
      • Submit blogs to Digg, Blog Engage, Twitter, Autoping, Facebook
      • 8 Posts a week (2 posts daily Mon through Thursday)
        • Approx 400 articles in one year
      • Blogging Research
      • Industry Research
      • Personal Development Reading

Of course this is subject to change in the future, but I feel it is a good start. A few things I wanted to elaborate on. The Definite Chief Aim of a monetary goal is where I want to be at financially with this blog, but it is not my primary aim for the blog. I drew this up as more of a business plan than a visionary plan for the purpose of organizing my actions during the day. My master plan for the blog overall is to develop a following that shares a passion for personal development. I chose $4500 a month because when people focus on annual amounts things get a little confusing.

For instance, I could make 0 dollars the first 10 months, then on the 11th and 12th months make 5,000. So technically my annual income would be 10k for the first year. On a grand scale, that's not very impressive. But I would be happy with 10k a year this year if I knew I could make 5000 a month the following year. So my Aim is reaching a monthly salary, if you will, instead of a yearly.

I am also considering conducting LinkedIn and Scribd campaigns, as I am reading more and more that LinkedIn is awesome for proving expertise and finding like minded people. I am considering Scribd because I created an account and people started reading my manifesto. So I want to see how far I can take that.

Why share this with you guys? I want to show that I practice what I preach. I feel you can't be successful without a plan so how do I expect to make a success out of this blog without a plan? Anyways, thanks for reading, let me know what you think, and I will keep you all up to date on how this is working out for me.

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