Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Self Experiment 1: The Waiter Project

Yes you read that right. I am experimenting on myself with what I know so far in personal development and my first experiment is to see if I can use these principles in the restaurant business. I chose a waiter for a couple of reasons.

  1. It's a pretty easy job to get
  2. I don't have any prior  experience so if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.
  3. Results vary, top performers can make $100-$150 a night in tips and drink commissions and some only make $10-$15 (this is off some basic research).
  4. I needed a job anyways (it still makes a good experiment)
  5. There are actually quite a few advancement opportunities where I work (I won't disclose where just yet).
Here are the settings of the experiment thus far:

  • I will do as much research on becoming a top waiter as possible.
  • I will find out who the top tip earners are in my restaurant and learn as much from them as possible.
  • Based on research, a top waiter or waitress earns roughly $50 dollars in a 4 hour shift. I am sure this is a lot harder than it sounds.
  • On top of trying to maximize tips per shift, I have to also maximize my hours per week. 40-50 hours will be ideal (though it may lead to burnout).
  • Will temporarily blog on this experiment with updates on financial, and emotional statuses.
This experiment was thought up on the spur of the moment so I apologize if I don't have a lot of details. Eventually I plan to expand the experiment into other things but right now this is phase one. Feel free to give me some ideas on this, especially if you have experience in the restaurant industry.

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